Teen Patti is one of the most popular card games in India. It’s also one of the least demanding games you’ll ever play in your life. But, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to learn about the rules as to how to play Teen Patti because without learning the rules, you simply cannot master this game. 

The game of Teen Patti is referred to as flush, flash or three-card brags around other regions across the globe. Hence, in this comprehensive blog post, we’ll be sharing everything you need to know before you get your hands on playing Teen Patti. 

What Do You Mean By Teen Patti?

As the name suggests, the game of Teen Patti consists of three cards, which means that the game will only be played using three cards at a time. It’s also a card game that involves the best combination of strategies & luck. 

So, whether you’re a professional or a beginner card game player, with the help of our guide, you’ll get to know about how to win Teen Patti within a few minutes at most. 

The Basic Rules Of Teen Patti

Whether you’re playing offline or online Teen Patti, the game will be played in the same process. In case you’re wondering how to play Teen Patti in Hindi, then you must know that the game will be played best with three to seven members. Some basics that you should learn about are:

  • The game of Teen Patti uses a single card deck that will contain up to 52 cards. No jokers will be utilised in the game. 
  • Just like any other card game, bets have to be placed before dealing with the cards.
  • A boot or fixed amount is placed inside a pot at the centre of the table.
  • After that, each player has to deal with three cards that are kept face down, alongside the dealer in a natural, clockwise direction.

The succeeding action will be to make a raise or call. In case a player proceeds to opt for the call, then he or she will continue the game without adding any further money into the pot. On the other side, raising is meant by enhancing the bet amount and adding more money inside the pot. 

Additional tip: The player who chooses to add more money into the pot will have a greater risk of losing or winning the game, than the other players. 

Playing Teen Patti – Online Vs Offline

If you want to know more about how to play 3 Patti, then our online vs offline comparison will greatly help you know about the same. 

Playing Teen Patti Offline Playing Teen Patti Online
1. First you need to choose the dealer (always choose the player that has the highest card value). 1. The step to undertake as to how to play 3 Patti online is to log in to your favourite Teen Patti website. 
2. Place your bets and then proceed to collect the money inside the pot. 2. Now you have to select your Teen Patti table. 
3. The dealer will start distributing the cards, starting with the leftmost player in the queue.  3. Proceed to place your initial or side bets. 
4. You can proceed to call, raise or fold as per your preferences & card value. 4. Now you have to deal with the cards. You can either choose to fold or play your cards. 
5. You can also opt for showdown or slideshow.  5. The player who has the highest card value will win the money present in the pot.

The Betting Process Of Teen Patti

In case you’re wondering about 3 Patti how to play and its betting process, then you must be familiar with the two primary terms – call or raise. In Teen Patti, the respective player has to either take the action of call or raise after three face-down cards have been dealt with. 

The process of a raise involves the increase of bet size and adding more money into the pot. So, with raise, there is more risk of losing more money. On the other hand, the process of call means to continue playing the game by keeping the bet size the same. Thus, with a call, the risk of losing money is less. However, in case you’re losing money constantly, then you can proceed to fold the cards at any given point during the game. 

It should be known that in Teen Patti, all the included players have to raise the stakes in a similar amount. For instance, if a player has utilised two coins to place a bet, the successive player has to raise at least an equal amount of bet. The value of the pot will continue increasing as the betting rounds will progress. Finally, the winner will be decided based on the highest to lowest hand ranking system. 

Some Teen Patti Hacks

As you might already know by now that only a single player on the Teen Patti table can proceed to win the game. So, you can make the most out of your game time by using the following Teen Patti hacks:

  • Always proceed to start your game at a lower bet and continue to play longer. The longer you’re able to stay in the game, the higher will be the pot value and your winnings will also be higher. Professional players always try to survive the longest in their games. 
  • When thinking about how to hack Teen Patti, make sure to change your tables after a couple of games. This is because your opponents will easily understand your pattern of playing after a few games. 
  • The last tip for how to hack the Teen Patti game is to use your slideshow functionality in-game diligently. 


At the end of the heyday, we sincerely hope that our mini-guide has been able to clear all your persistent doubts about how to play the Teen Patti game. We highly suggest using our tips & tricks to get better at the game and in case you have any further queries, don’t forget to let us know. We’d be happy to answer all of your questions right away.