There’s no denying that Teen Patti has been a popular game in India for many years. It’s because of its popularity that most online casinos in India have been able to integrate the game – along with its different variations – so that more new players can be attracted to it. Furthermore, the game has also gained global recognition and many international players are also competing nowadays. 

Hence, it’s essential to know the ideal tips, tricks & strategies on how to win Teen Patti, so that you can make your mark among other competitors and enjoy a successful career going forward. Thus, in this comprehensive blog post, we’ll be sharing some nifty suggestions that you can utilize to upgrade your game sense. 

Top Tips, Tricks & Strategies To Win Teen Patti

1. Always Start Your Playing Career With Free Chips

Most online gaming platforms offering players to play Teen Patti provide a lot of free chips to players – both new and experienced. Thus, you can utilise these free chips to start playing the game, practice it and then use your real hard-earned money to compete with other players. 

Both experienced & beginners need to practice the game as much as they can so that they can enhance their chances of winning. 

2. Kick Start Your Playing Career With Smaller Bets

In case you’re wondering how to win at Teen Patti, then remember to always start with smaller bets. A common mistake that beginner players make is that – they get excited and start with large bets. Eventually, they lose and thereby lose interest in the game as well. It’s never a wise decision to show over-confidence and start playing larger bets initially. Instead, you should try to spread your losses by making smaller bets, which will also provide you with more chances to win games. 

One of the other reasons that you shouldn’t make large bets at the start is because players who will have weak cards will always fold early. Thus, you’ll only be able to make a small amount from the pot. 

3. Avoid Playing Emotionally

While emotions are a part of our lives and in games like these, it’s natural to showcase how you’re feeling. But, we suggest keeping your emotions at a minimum and not taking decisions that are emotionally bound. This is because emotionally-bound decisions can end up costing you a lot of money. Therefore, always try to make rational decisions in-game. 

4. Study The Rules Judiciously Before Starting

Ensure that you know the basic rules of playing Teen Patti before starting to play it. By knowing the rules, you’ll be able to play the game accurately. Furthermore, you’ll also have the idea of making the right moves at any point during the game session. 

5. Try To Play Blind

If you’re wondering how to play Teen Patti and win cash, then you should start playing blind as much as possible. In case you end up playing blind during the first set of rounds, then you can quickly make your opponents confused. This is because the opponents will not be able to evaluate the strength of the cards in your hands based on your overall body language. As a result, your opponents may start folding quickly. 

Furthermore, when you play blind, you’ll be able to play smaller bets and thus increase your winning chances & decrease the loss ratio. 

6. Fold Or Bluff If You Don’t Have A Good Hand

If you have weak hands, then you should bluff. When you bluff, your opponents will think that you have good hands and thereby they will start folding. When playing Teen Patti online, you can start bluffing by showcasing your betting skills since online no opponent will be able to see your body language. 

In case you’re not good at bluffing or bluffing isn’t working for you, then you should fold to avoid losing more money. 

7. Don’t Bet Big Instantly When You Have Good Hands

When you place a big bet, then players who have weak cards may start folding immediately. As a result, you’ll lose your advantage and the pot amount will also be small. 

Hence, it’s recommended to start with small bets, so that there’s enough time for the pot amount to grow. Ultimately, when the pot amount has grown enough, then you can bet big, which will make your opponents fold and you’ll end the game with a substantial amount of prize money. 

8. Don’t Forget To Study Your Opponents

Studying your opponents form a crucial part of the Teen Patti game. Hence, don’t forget to study the body language as well as the playing pattern of your opponents. There will be some players who will not be able to hide their emotions well while playing, which can help you take advantage of the same. 

9. Try To Be Restrictive With Your Bluffs

There’s no doubt that bluffing is a massive skill to pull off and can also prove to be very rewarding if you do it at the correct time. But, don’t try to bluff your opponents all the time because you’ll eventually be found out and thereby lose. 

Most beginners believe that bluffing is the way to victory but the truth is – you need to wait for the correct opportunity to bluff your opponents. 

10. Remember To Switch Your Play Style

It’s always a good idea to switch your playstyle so that you can always keep your opponents on their toes. Having the same play style can make it easy for your opponents to play against you. The idea here is to not maintain a proper pattern of actions that your opponents can predict. 


Before you start playing Teen Patti, it’s always a wise idea to set a daily or weekly loss limit, so that you don’t go overboard. Moreover, don’t ever get disheartened if you fail to win because playing Teen Patti is like running a marathon – you need to continue working hard till you achieve success. 

We hope our above-mentioned recommendations will surely help you to improve your game and for any additional queries, don’t hesitate to let us know.