Teen Patti is a very popular card game in India and every year new types of variations of the game are added to its repertoire. Thus, it makes the process of winning & losing all the more fun. So, if you already know the usual rules to play Teen Patti, it’s time to know about the many Teen Patti variations. 

With so many Teen Patti variations available in the market, you can always change up your game and opt for a different challenge every time. Such a process will make the game even more interesting to play. 

What Do You Mean By Teen Patti Variations?

3 Patti variations are defined as a set of games, based on the basic rules of Teen Patti, with slight or major differences between them with regards to how they’re played. It’s like having different flavours for your favourite ice cream. 

List Of Teen Patti Variations

1. Mufliss

Mufliss is a popular Teen Patti game variation, where the overall ranking of the cards is reversed compared to the usual Teen Patti ranking. 

2. Sudden Death

In sudden death, all cards in a standard deck are shuffled out to the players. Then each player will drop cards one by one until a player asks to stop. Then the remaining best possible hand will win. 

3. 999

In 999, the aim is to obtain a hand value that’s close to 999. Thus, a hand having 2-3-4 can be rearranged to obtain 4-3-2, which is the closest to 999. 

4. 555

Works similarly as 999, except the value changes to 555. 

5. Discard One

Players are given four cards and out of those four, they must choose three cards to obtain the best possible hand. 

6. Rotating Jokers

Each player will have three cards (one open, two closed), where the open one will be a joker. 

7. Plus Sign

In plus sign, each player will have three cards along with five joker cards in the centre to be used by anyone. 

8. Auction

Apart from each player having three cards each, there will also be two piles of three cards on the table for each player to auction upon. 

9. Pack Jack

Besides every player having three cards, further three joker cards will be placed at the centre of the table for use. 

10. Buying Jokers Unseen & Seen

Two rounds of buying jokers are introduced after each player receives their three cards. 

11. Lallan Kallan

Each player will have three cards, but the odd coloured card will act like the joker. 

12. Stud

In stud, every player is given one face-up card and two face-down cards.

13. Kiss Miss Bliss

Five cards are given to every player and each player can choose any two to create the joker. 

14. Kissing Missing

Similar rules to Kiss Miss Bliss, except every player will now receive four cards instead of five. 

15. King Little

All the kings are put together as jokers in this game. Furthermore, the smallest card in a player’s hand can also become the joker. 

16. One-Eyed Jack

In this 3 Patti game variation, a player has to look out for only the Jack of Spades & Jack of Hearts, which can be used as jokers. 

17. Folding Joker

Each player gets four cards, out of which one remains unseen and one becomes a joker. 

18. In-Out

The game kicks off with a pre-agreed bet among all the players, which goes into the pot. Every player will have three cards along with three joker cards put in the middle of the table. Then each player will go around the table and will state either ‘in’ or ‘out’. 

19. Temperature

Similar to the in-out variation, except a temperature card (having a certain value) is put from the deck onto the table after the players declare whether they’re in or out. 


In case you’re a beginner, then you need to first get your basics right before opting for the different variations in 3 Patti. The variations help in adding to your overall experience of the game. Thus, mastering the basic version of Teen Patti is essential. 

Some of the above-mentioned variations have very little difference between them because the rules remain the same. On the other hand, some other variants can seem a little complicated. Hence, it’s all up to you as to which one you should choose to play first.