Teen Patti has its origins based in India. Over the recent couple of years, the game has achieved immense popularity – mainly due to the game giving the players a chance to win big. And with the rise in online gaming nowadays, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that Teen Patti is also growing in user base over time. Now you can Teen Patti anytime, anywhere. But, to do that, you also need to know about the various Teen Patti rules. And since Teen Patti is a game of skill, you need to know the rules inside-out to be able to topple your opponents and win successfully. 

Hence, in this extensive guide, we’ll be going through all the essential rules that you need to know before you start playing Teen Patti. 

Basic Teen Patti Game Rules That You Should Learn

In 3 Patti rules, the aces are always ranked the highest with the Number 2 being ranked the lowest. The primary goal of this game is to have a top-three card in hand and then continue to increase the pot before the game session concludes. 

The following are the various Teen Patti cards ranked from the lowest to the highest:

1. High Card

This is a hand situation where the three cards are not in sequence – meaning that the cards are not from a similar suit and no two cards have similar value. Thus, the highest card in hand will represent the hand value.

2. Pair (Two Cards Having The Same Rank)

When comparing pairs, the pair that has the highest value will be regarded as the winner. If the pair tends to have the same value, then the winner will be determined by the Kicker’s card. 

3. Colour Or Flush

Indian Teen Patti rules state that in flush, three cards will have a similar colour that is not placed in a sequence. 

4. Run Or Sequence

Sequence means three consecutive cards that are from different suits. 

5. Straight Flush Or Pure Sequence

Pure sequence denotes three consecutive cards from a similar suit & colour. 

6. Set Or Trail (Three Cards Of The Same Rank)

Based on 3 Patti game rules in Hindi, trail means three cards having the same rank. This means that having three aces mean the highest and three Number Two’s mean the lowest. 

What Do You Mean By A Seen & Blind Player In Teen Patti?

A blind player is defined as the player that will place the first few bids without even seeing his or her cards. According to Teen Patti rules in Hindi, it should be known that blind bets are some of the riskiest bets in Teen Patti. The blind player can opt for a show, pack or blind. The blind bet value can either be twice or equal to the current stake amount. This means that the next bet (to be placed by another player) should be at least equal to the blind player. 

Alternatively, a seen player is defined as a player who places his or her bets after seeing the cards. The seen player is also denoted by another name, known as ‘Chaal’ because the player takes his or her actions based on his or her card values. A seen player can also opt for show, pack or slide show. When it comes to betting, the seen player must place bets that are either twice or four times the current stake amount. 

Additional Game Terms & Rules That You Should Know

  • According to the game rules to play Teen Patti, the dealer is the player who has the highest card value. Thus, the respective player has to reveal his or her highest card to start acting as the dealer. 
  • The stake amount will be equal to the boot amount for the first Teen Patti players. In case the first player is a blind player, then the stake amount could be either double or the same as the boot amount. 
  • A fold is defined as a situation where a player can quit himself or herself from the game by throwing all the cards onto the table. 
  • When it comes to Teen Patti card game rules, a show is defined as an event where cards with their respective players are exposed. The player who has the better hand vale will then win the pot. In case both the players have a similar card value, then the player who has paid for the show will obtain the total pot money. 
  • A slideshow is a situation where a player is not confident about the cards that he or she has for winning and have already placed the bet. Thus, a request is made to the last player who has placed a bet on the cards of that player (who is calling for a slideshow) to reveal the cards. As a result, the best hand between them will win. However, it should be known that the other players can also refuse to accept your request because each player is free to take actions that benefit him or her. 
  • In Teen Patti card rules, a showdown is defined as a situation where any of the two final players will opt for a showdown to end the game by revealing their cards. The player who will have the best hand value will win the battle. 

Important Tidbits About Showdown

  • According to 3 Patti rules in Hindi, if a blind player is requested by a seen player for a showdown, then the seen player must bet at least four times the present bet value. 
  • A blind player can never ask for a showdown. 
  • In case both players are seen, then the player asking for a showdown has to double the bet amount. 


By knowing the above-mentioned Teen Patti game rules, you’ll be able to improve your game sense over time. But, you must remember that your experience & instincts also counts. So, it’s a combination of all the elements and not just a single one. 

Furthermore, whether you’re winning or losing, don’t forget to have fun because that’s the most important thing. The moment you stop having fun, that’s the time your enthusiasm in the game will stop as well. We hope you liked our write-up and for any additional queries, be sure to let us know.