With its Indian roots, Teen Patti is a very popular card game. The game is not only famous across India but also worldwide. Simply speaking, Teen Patti is a straightforward version of a well-known game called ‘flush’ or ‘flash’. It’s believed that Teen Patti originated from the British card game, known as Three Card Brag because both card games have eerie similarities. Furthermore, Teen Patti is majorly enjoyed in India during social gatherings & festivals due to its inherent connection with Indian culture.

So, if you want to showcase your Teen Patti playing skills to your opponents, it’s critical to learn the ways how you can play blind Teen Patti. Hence, in this comprehensive guide, we’ll be showcasing how to play blind Teen Patti, so that you can successfully win games without any hassle. 

How Can You Play Teen Patti?

The game of Teen Patti requires three to six/seven players to compete together. A 52-card pack will be utilised, excluding all the Jokers. Since Teen Patti is a gambling card game, the first step is to place a bet (almost like poker or rummy). 

Once the first bet goes into the pot (which is a fixed amount), the game starts. The fixed amount for the bet can be pre-decided among the participating players. Thus, every player has to put this fixed amount, as a wager, into the pot. After betting, three cards are provided to each player with their faces down. 

Currently, there are different variations of Teen Patti that you can play such as Banko, AK47, Joker and so on. 

What Are The Rules Of Teen Patti?

The rules of Teen Patti isn’t that difficult to understand because they’re very simple. As have been mentioned beforehand, the only cards that will participate in each round are your three cards and the three cards of the dealer. If the dealer wants to qualify, then he or she should have a Queen or higher as one of three cards. 

When you decide to join a Teen Patti game, you need to place your initial bet, after which you’ll get your three cards and the cards of the dealer will remain closed (you’ll be unable to see them). Based on the type of cards that you’ll have on your hand, you can choose to play or fold. Hence, in simple words, your three cards should be able to beat the three cards of the dealer. 

Once you choose ‘play’, the dealer will show his or her three cards. And then whoever will have the best card will win. 

Various Teen Patti Terminologies That You Should Know

As a Teen Patti player, you must be well-acquainted with the various terminologies that this game introduces, such as:

1. The Boot Amount Or The Ante Bet

The boot amount or the ante bet is defined by the minimum amount of stake that’s needed from every participating player. The amount will be placed into the betting pot, which will be kept in the middle of the table. Participating players will place their ante bet at the beginning of every round. 

2. Playing As A Blind Or Seen Player

As a player, you can either play Teen Patti in blind or seen mode. Playing seen means that you’ve already viewed your face down cards before you decide to place your bet into the pot. Alternatively, playing blind means that you will be placing your bet into the pot without viewing your face down cards. 

In case you decide to choose to play blind, then you must know that you can easily view your face down at any time during the game session. 

What Are The Rules For Playing As A Blind Or Seen Player?

Rules For Playing Blind

  • When you decide to play as a blind player, then your bet should either match the bet amount or be double the bet amount of your previous player – provided that the previous player was also a blind player. 
  • In case your previous player has played as a seen player, then your bet should either match or be at least half of the bet amount placed by that player. 

Rules For Playing Seen (Otherwise Known As Chaal)

  • When you decide to play as a seen player, then your bet should be double the amount of the bet placed by your previous seen player. 
  • Alternatively, if your previous player is playing blind, then you have to either double your bet amount or even quadruple it. 

Should You Play As A Blind Player In Teen Patti?

It’s an age-old question among Teen Patti players is that – whether they should play blind or not. Some players believe that playing blind is a great way to enjoy a large payout. On the other hand, the rest of the players tend to be sceptical of the process. 

The real truth is that – whether you should play blind depends on your skill level and how lucky you can get during the game session. Sometimes, playing blind can prove to be risky, but it’s a chance that players are willing to take. The risk directly depends upon the bet amount of the blind player – the bigger the bet, the bigger will be risk and vice-versa. 

Hence, if you like to have a different experience when playing Teen Patti, then playing blind can help you mix up your play style quite a bit. Furthermore, if you choose to be blind at the correct time, then you can turn out to be lucky as well. 


It can easily be concluded that playing seen or blind depends on the in-game circumstances and there’s no hard rule regarding each process. You need to know and learn when to play blind or seen so that you can trick your opponents skillfully. 

We sincerely hope that our guide has proven to be helpful and thereby can assist in improving your game sense. Lastly, don’t forget to practice because the more you practice playing blind Teen Patti, the better you’ll get at your trade. 

For any additional queries, don’t hesitate to ask us away. We’d be happy to answer all of your burning questions. All the best!

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