If you’re an avid Teen Patti player on your smartphone/tablet, then you need to learn about the various Teen Patti apps that you can download right away and start playing. Most Indians love to play Teen Patti because it’s simple to understand but very difficult to master. But, with so many apps already on the market these days, it can be a nightmare to separate the best from the worst. 

Thankfully, with our comprehensive recommendations for Teen Patti apps, you can start honing your skills today and become better at playing the game. 

Top Teen Patti Apps

1. 10CRIC

10CRIC is regarded as one of the best Teen Patti apps to download in India. The app is known to give players the best possible experience they can get. Back in the days, 10CRIC was used to bet on sports such as Cricket – which is the favourite sport for Indians out there. Later down the line, the app expanded to include Teen Patti in its offerings as well. 

It should be known that 10CRIC tends to have greater limits compared to other Teen Patti apps. Hence, if you’re planning to bet big on Teen Patti, then this is the best 3 Patti real cash app. It’s also one of the safest apps to play Teen Patti because of the implementation of SSL Encryption, meaning that all your financial transactions will be safe & secure. 

2. Ultimate Teen Patti

Due to some enticing promotions in recent times, Ultimate Teen Patti has become a very popular 3 Patti app in India. With Ultimate Teen Patti, you not only have the chance to play Teen Patti but also other Indian-themed games as well. The overall experience is nothing sort of excellent and there’s no excuse to not try it out. You can start enjoying Teen Patti with real money. 

In Ultimate Teen Patti, you can either play live or play table games. If you want to experience the feeling of playing with real people, then a live casino is the ideal choice. Otherwise, if you’re just starting, then table games are the best choice instead. Remember, you can always move onto the live mode whenever you’re comfortable with the table games. 

Upon installing the app for the first time, you’ll obtain around 3 lac free credits. Moreover, you also get free chips every hour, meaning that you don’t have to worry about credits at all. 

3. Teen Patti Gold

With Teen Patti Gold, you can play with thousands of players around the globe in real-time. You can even choose your preferred playing location such as Paris, Dubai, Las Vegas and Singapore. The good thing about this 3 Patti app to download is that – you get free one lac chips on just downloading and installing the same on your smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, there are gifts and chat features, which are ideal when playing with friends & family members. 

There’s also the option to play privately inside a private room. Lastly, you can expect the app to work flawlessly even on slow internet connections. 

4. Teen Patti Live

Teen Patti Live is touted to be the next-gen Teen Patti experience for young & upcoming players along with the veteran players too. This is because the game features cool 3D graphics & animations that take your playing experience to a whole new level. You have the option to play with your friends & family members in real-time.

The user interface of this app is indeed very slick and you also obtain cool gifts upon playing the game as well. The app also runs flawlessly on most devices with smooth gameplay. 

In this Teen Patti app for free download, you have the option to deal in two different currencies – diamonds & chips. Moreover, you can quickly convert diamonds to chips, whenever you’re out of chips. 

5. Teen Patti Octro

In case you’re bored of playing the usual Teen Patti with the same rules – over and over again – then it’s time for you to try out Teen Patti Octro. With this app, you can now try out the various Teen Patti Variations such as 999, Lowest Joker, Revolving Joker, Muflis and so on. There are also several game modes to choose from as well such as public tables, pro mode, private tables and much more. 

When you’ll have this 3 Patti game app downloaded for the first time, you’ll be greeted with 30,000 free credits. Furthermore, if you log into the app every day, you also get daily chips for free. Once you’ve used up all the free chips, you can either choose to buy more chips or simply wait for new ones to be credited. 

6. Teen Patti Party

Teen Patti Party is another classic Teen Patti app that you can get your hands on. The primary aim of this app is to be able to play the Teen Patti game with your friends & loved ones. Times when you don’t have viable opponents to play with, you can instead play with the in-built AI (Artificial Intelligence). 

This app will offer you at least 200,000 free chips every day so that you face no issues when playing. There’s also a bonus Lucky Slots Spin game through which you can double your everyday winnings. Besides, you also get to play with players around the globe and the customer support is also magnificent. 

7. Teen Patti Game

Quite similar to the other Teen Patti game apps recommended on our list. New players get up to 2.5 lac chips and 2 lac bonus chips are added daily. Furthermore, you also get the option to win 10 crore chips every day. 

Some of the different games that you can play on this app are:

  • Private table
  • Open flash
  • Blind mode
  • No limit table
  • Play with Joker


In the current world of smartphones, tablets & app stores, using Teen Patti game apps is a much more convenient way to experience the game than playing the game through your mobile internet browser. Moreover, you can always rely on the safety of these apps, especially when it comes to handling real-time payments. 

We hope you enjoyed our brilliant write-up and for any additional queries, don’t forget to let us know. 

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